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Beauty Tips


Experiment! Try different colors, different looks. Do You. It’s only makeup.


A must from the start is selecting the right foundation to enhance your skin, and to create a flawless canvas. The best foundation should seem invisible because it blends so well into your skin. Begin by selecting 3 different foundation shades that you think are a close match to your skin, pay close attention to the undertones in your skin. Apply the colors on your jaw line and the color that seems to disappear into your skin is the correct choice.

Steelo’s Flawless Coverage Mineral Foundations were developed from the complexions of real women, not in an experimental lab. Flawless Coverage Mineral Foundations are made from natural ingredients and do not contain Bismuth Oxychloride, an irritant to the skin that makes the face appear shiny. Your skin will have a natural flawless dewy finish with the extra benefits of being healthy, without the harmful chemical ingredients found in most leading brands. Foundation isweightless, minimizes pores and provides excellent coverage. Can also be used as a concealer.

Flawless Coverage Mineral Foundation Steps:

  • For best results begin with Steelo’s Face Primer SPF 20 and apply to entire face following your moisturizer.
  • Place a small amount of the foundation in the cap.
  • Insert Steelo’s Flat Top Brush into cap, tap brush to remove any excess product.
  • Apply foundation using a circular motion. Make sure to blend into the hairline.

If you desire a fuller coverage, wet the Flat Top Brush with Steelo’s Perfect Finish Setting Spray before step #3.

For a professional touch, finish your look with Steelo’s Translucent Setting Powder using Powder Brush. Steelo’s Mattifying Translucent Powder is ideal for oily skin, it eliminates shine. Also great for use in photography. The colorless powder leaves skin with a silky smooth, natural matte finish.


Apply blush from just above the earlobe downward to mid-cheek so you do not leave a huge deposit of color on the apple of the cheek. Then blend, blend, blend. Colors can also be used to highlight. Use a Blush Brush for a soft even application of color.


Use Steelo's eye shadows and mineral eye shimmers to reflect your every mood. The colors can be used wet for deep color and added drama. Keep in mind when applying eye shadow, dark colors recede or minimize features, and light colors highlight.

Creating a base first is critical to eye shadow application.The eye shadow will apply more evenly, be true to color and it will wear longer. Begin with Steelo’s Eye Shadow Base for the eye area. This is optional, but recommended as it will create a smooth barrier between your eye makeup and skin, and it will be an excellent base to build makeup layers upon. It should be applied and blended well, avoiding the lashes, ensuring that it does not collect in eye area creases.


  • Prime the eyelids with Steelo’s Eye Shadow Base
  • Select a light base shadow. Using Steelo Eye Shader Brush, sweep it across your entire lid, from brow to lash line.
  • Use a medium-toned shade to cover your lower lids.
  • Contour the crease of your eyelid with a dark shade, using Steelo’s Crease Brush.
  • Blend shadow by stroking the lid gently with the Eye Shader brush.
  • Finish with eye liner and mascara


Loose powder eye shadow dust creates intense color. Use to highlight eyes for drama, wet as sparkling eyeliner, or as an all-over face and body highlighter.


The standard smokey eye look is created using heavy black or dark charcoal colors, but can also be created by using deep hues of blues, browns, and purples to play up your eye color and make you look fierce.

  • Start by applying an eye shadow base to your eyelid, then sweep the lightest color in the palette all over your eye.
  • Next, apply a medium eye shadow shade from your lash line to the crease of your eye and blend well.
  • Then use your crease brush to gently apply the darkest color to your crease. Blend well.
  • For a glamorous look, dab a light amount of Steelo’s Mineral Eye Shimmers to your brow bone.
  • Draw a thin line with your eyeliner close to your lashes. For added drama, smudge the line with Steelo’s Smudge Brush, or leave it untouched for a more defined effect.

For a finishing touch, line the inner rims of your upper and lower eyelid.


If lip liner will be used, apply before lipstick. Use a freshly sharpened Steelo lip pencil either in the same color family as the lipstick or a slightly darker color.

For best results use a lip brush when applying lipstick. It will help define the contours of your mouth, and gives you more control over the direction and the amount of color that is applied.

Use Steelo’s Mineral Based Lip Gloss alone to give a light, finished pearlized look. Add a coat of lip gloss to lipstick for an added effect. Use a light lip color in the center of the lips to add dimension.


Dust on face or body using Steelo’s Powder Brush for some sparkle and shine. Place a small amount of body shimmer in the cap. Insert the Powder Brush in cap, and tap to remove excess. Lightly dust on the body.