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About Us

stee⋅lo [stee-lo] noun
derived from Spanish word for style; an aura; mode of operation

Founded in 2008| Named one of the Hottest New Brands by Essence Magazine January 2010 Makeup for Women of Color, Makeup for Latina Skin

We are each uniquely designed to be one-of-a-kind. What others may see as an imperfection or flaw, at Steelo we see as uniquely beautiful. In this day and age, every woman should have the opportunity to create her own standard of beauty—which means she needs access to makeup that works for her.  

At Steelo we believe...
Today’s woman is versatile.  Resourceful. Independent. Confident. She cannot be boxed into one definition of beauty. Or, success. Or, womanhood. She defines them for herself; and rewrites them depending on how she feels or what she encounters. 

It's not about the makeup; it's about your steelo, your sense of style.  A small element of your confidence.  It's who you are.  If you are beautiful on the inside you are beautiful on the outside - no makeup can change that!

Steelo is a team and a family of beauty and cosmetic educators, empowering you to be your best from the inside out. We are committed to offering only the highest quality products available to highlight your natural beauty.


All the very best,

Team Steelo